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Dena Bank India

Dena Bank India

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About Dena Bank
Dena Bank ( ) was established by the family of Devkaran Nanjee with the name of Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company Ltd.on 26 may,1938.After some time its name had been changed to Dena Bank. Dena Bank is one of the initial banks of India.Dena Bank is a public sector bank and one of the most esteemed bank in India.Dena Bank is the first bank to launch Minor Savings Scheme and credit card in rural parts of India.Shri D.L.Rawal is the chairman and managing director of Dena Bank.Dena bank provide its services very efficiently and is rapidly growing bank .

For Netbanking please visit

For Phone Banking
Customer Contact Center - Phone : 1800 2336427 (Toll Free), 022-26767136

Dena bank deals in personal banking, corporate banking and international banking.

Following are the services under Personal banking of Dena Bank:

Dena Deposit Schemes-It has two categories:
Dena Cash Certificate
Dena Maha Tax Bachat
Dena Loans-It has two categories:
Dena Niwas
Dena Vidya Laxmi
Dena FinMart

Dena Bank latest recruitment : Link

Following are the services under Corporate Banking of Dena Bank:

Delivery Channels-It has two categories:

Industrial Finance Branch
Corporate Business Branch

Specific Schemes-It has two categories:

Educational Institutions
Builders and Developers

Following are the services under International Banking-
Trade Finance Services
Loans and Overdrafts


Dena Bank provide variety of loans to its customers.

Dena Niwas Housing Finance Scheme
Dena Vidya Laxmi Educational Loan Scheme
Dena Suvidha (Personal Loan) Scheme
Dena Auto Finance Scheme
Dena Consumer DurabSle Loan
Dena Trade Finance Scheme
Dena Mortgage Loan Scheme
Dena Senior Citizen Pensioners’ Loan Scheme
Dena Rent Scheme (Finance against Rent receivables)

Dena Bank cater to the needs of people and offers many services as follows;

Core Banking Solution
Delivery Channels
Verified by Visa Services
Dena Alert Services
Dena ATM Services
Dena IndiaRemit
Dena BillPay
Inbound Remittances
Direct Tax Collection
Indirect Tax
Distribution of Mutual Funds
Dena e-Tax Pay
Demat Services

Contact Information of Dena Bank

Dena Corporate Centre
C-10, G Block,
Bandra-Kurla Complex
Bandra [E].
Mumbai- 400 051
Tel.- (022) 26545035
Website :

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  1. Dena Bank Recruitment 2010July 5, 2010 at 3:03 AM

    When you are going to announced denabank recruitment 2010. Please updates on the same?

  2. Dena Bank BranchesJuly 6, 2010 at 2:27 AM

    Is Dena bank have any brach in gurgaon, if yes where it is? And please send me the location.


  3. Hi Priya,

    Please go through in the contact us section and find out branch name and address. please let us know if you arenot able to find out Dena Bank Gurgason address .


  4. Dena Bank Recruitment 2010August 3, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    every one announcing job opening in the bank when you are going to announced the recruitment 2010

  5. Dena Bank Open account requestAugust 15, 2010 at 4:17 AM

    I want to open an new account in Denabank in delhi branch near CP. Is there is any direct number to open an account.

  6. Dena Bank recruitment processSeptember 12, 2010 at 7:19 AM

    Upadate us the interview process of Dena Bank recruitment. I have done MBA from Marketing. What are the options avaiable in the dena Bank Please help me out...

  7. why dena bank collect inactive charges from customer though there is
    sufficient balance in their a/ is illogical that every customer do their transaction in every quarter.
    please give satisfactory reply to me.
    ------arti rajneeshee


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