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RCM Business has been set up by Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd., Bhilwara (Rajasthan) belonging to the reputed Chhabra Group, engaged in textile business since 1977.

RCM Business has been your best step towards happy and prosperous life.

RCM business offers wide range of products including FMCG, eatables, stationary, computer accessories, readymade, winter solution, exclusive sarees and dress materials and textiles.


Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd.

RCM World, Hamirgarh Road , RIICO Growth Centre,
Bhilwara-311001 (Rajasthan)

Phone: +91 1482 670101 (For Hindi)

Phone: +91 1482 670102 (For English)

PUC/DEPOT/BAZAR/RSP/ONLINE Service: +91 1482 670103

Fax Sercie: +91 1482 249388 Services Marketing Plan How to join

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